“I can’t have that negativity in my life. I just walk away from it.”

Is this how you deal with negativity – AVOIDENCE?

I hear this all the time. I’m told that they just avoid negativity. They don’t let it into their life by avoiding the negative person or situation. Turning your back on negativity only works in the short-term and is amazingly limiting.

If you have a challenge, do you simply turn your back on it and “hope” that it gets better? Will that work?

Of course not. You must find the solution to that challenge.

In the same way, ignoring the negative, simply hiding from it, doesn’t work. You can’t run from negativity forever unless you are going to hide yourself away in a cave and never deal with anyone. Eventually, negativity will catch up with you.

As Sun Tzu said, “never leave an enemy at your back.”

Facing the negativity and working to turn it into a positive is a more effective way to manage a situation. Always take the opportunity to flex your positivity muscle. The more experience you have finding the positive in every situation, the happier you will be.

Obviously, you can’t change every person or situation. There are times when only disengaging from a situation or a person will give you what you need or save your sanity. Sometimes, the only healthy thing to do is remove the negativity from your life. Just don’t make that your “go to” response.

Always be solution oriented and always see the positive lesson.

That skill will lead to your Ultimate Success.