Each year, we set our resolutions and only 8% of them are accomplished. Those are pretty bad odds. Imagine spreading out a deck of cards. You have close to the same odds of pulling out an ACE on your first selection.

So, how can you increase your chances of succeeding?


Start At The Beginning

What do you really want? Do you really know what would make you happy or successful? What direction do you want to take in life?

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know what resolutions/goals will get you there?


Stop And Think

Don’t make your resolutions over a glass of champagne. How much have you considered how your resolutions/goals will propel you toward where you want to be?

Truly consider what resolutions/goals will actually propel you toward what you really want.


Write It Down

Your resolutions/goals are usually an off-hand comment that you are going to get more organized, lose some weight, or maybe stop smoking. Once it has left your lips, it is gone — lost to the air and no longer a concrete idea.

You can increase the odds of accomplishing your resolutions/goals by 10 times by simply writing them down. The act of writing down a specific goal begins the process of locking the desire into your subconscious.

If you write down your goal and refer to it daily, you will be even more successful.


Don’t Forget The Why

When you set your resolution, make sure you have a good reason for accomplishing your goal. The reason has to speak to your values, your true desires. If you want to lose weight because you want to live longer (especially if you aren’t really satisfied with your life anyway) that reason might not do it for you. But, if you are honest that you want to lose weight so you can be attractive to your wife and get more sex? Now that is motivation.

If you aren’t succeeding, maybe you simply don’t have a good enough reason.


It Doesn’t Have To Be A New Year’s Resolution

You might be reading this sometime past New Year’s Day. Maybe you have hit January 19th, the 5%-95% Day. Maybe you think it is too late for your New Year’s resolutions because you have already let them slide.

Don’t get discouraged.


Why not set a New Day goal instead?

And don’t get discouraged if you don’t totally accomplish that goal either.

Contrary to what you might think, effective goal setting is a difficult skill that must be learned and practiced.

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