“It just isn’t perfect yet.”

If only I had a dollar for every time I have heard that excuse for not moving ahead with a project.

Or used that excuse MYSELF!

Yup, guilty as charged.

But don’t use that excuse. It is too easy to procrastinate by trying to make sure everything is perfect and in place.

Instead, follow the model of the aerospace industry. More often than not, a project is begun even when certain technologies that will be needed to complete the project don’t yet exist. However, they know that by the time they need the technology, it will be available.

Fear is often the true reason that you wait for everything to be perfect. You fear the result and therefore keep convincing yourself that your business proposal isn’t “perfect” yet.

Take a look at your current project that is stalled because it isn’t perfect yet. Maye you have five products ready to go but you are convinced you need ten products to be successful.

Assuming these products at not intricately linked, do you really need those extra five products to launch?

Could you launch now and make sales and income from those 5 products while you complete the next 5, launching each new product as you finish them?

How much time have you wasted waiting for perfection?

How much income have you lost waiting for perfection?

I am not suggesting that you rush a project out the door before it is ready. However, you must be aware of using perfection as an excuse. This requires honesty. Analyze your motives for procrastinating and act accordingly.