For many years, Peak Performance has been a focus. For some sports, this can be an ideal model. Peak Performance is designed to give you that burst of performance to excel over a limited time. Picture the sprinter at the Olympics, peaking at that key final moment.

This model has traditionally been promoted for business people in a variety of ways. For instance, one recommendation was doing jumping jacks and other physical activity before you walk into the boardroom. Get the blood flowing, increase the adrenalin levels, get excited for that peak performance. However, neuroscience has discovered that although this might work for the very short term, the result is a huge crash after about 20 minutes. The crash produces a slowdown in brain function, a reduction in verbal ability and an overall grogginess.

Is that how you want to finish that important meeting or sales presentation?

Almost everyone is better served by High Performance.

High Performance is a sustained, consistent, high level of performance. You are performing at your highest level consistently over time. High Performance demands that you are in top form physically, psychologically, and emotionally. High Performance means you must develop a mindset of dedication to making your life better in all three of these aspects.

High Performance is not a quick fix but a way of life. It takes work and commitment but the payoff is huge. Unlike Peak Performance, High Performance will affect every aspect of your life and is going to lead to Ultimate Success.