Life Coaching

You do not have to succeed alone!


What is A Life Coach

When you think of a coach, you likely picture some Hollywood movie set in a locker room or at the side of a basketball court with a coach surrounded by his team while making an inspirational speech in the final quarter of the game.

But when you think of that motivational scene from the movie, what is that coach really doing?
• Offering motivation
• Helping his team handle stress
• Keeping the team focused on the desired outcome
• Analyzing performance
• Offering performance enhancing strategies

Being a coach is more than just helping with skills. In fact, as you can see from the list above, often the least important job a coach does is work on actual skills.

Likewise, a Life Coach does the same and more.


What does Life Coaching accomplish?


What do I, as a Life Coach, do that will enhance your life?


Clearly define personal definition of a successful, truly happy life now and in the future

In my experience, if you ask most people what they want in life, they will spend 15 minutes telling you what they DON’T want in life. Most people have a great deal of trouble identifying what they DO want. Our first sessions will help you discover


Help you achieve results as effectively and efficiently as possible

Make no mistake, you already have the ability inside you to achieve any goal you desire. My role is to speed up the process, so that you can potentially eliminate years from your journey toward your goals.


Provides knowledge, skills, confidence or resources to achieve success

In the end, it is important that I make myself obsolete by giving you the opportunity to learn the skills needed to reach your own goals. For me to truly do my job, you should be able to discover your own solutions to your future challenges without my input. I will use my years of experience, reading, and study to give you tools that you will use daily to overcome any challenge put in front of you.


I will provide motivation, confidence, and momentum to get you moving in the direction that will give you the happiness in life you desire

Human nature is such that we all want our desires instantly. When that doesn’t happen or takes a little longer than we expected, we get bogged down, put things off, get discouraged and, all too often, give up entirely. My job is to give you the momentum to get started, keep you motivated, and help you work through those inevitable discouragements and setbacks. And, I will be there to make sure you celebrate those small victories along your journey to the big goal.


I give you the confidence and ability to make more and better decisions

Wanting to change is only the first step. It is only through action that true change happens. And no action can happen without clear, definite decisions. Truly successful people make more decisions than the average person.


Gives you the confidence and ability to action

A decision without an action is not a decision, it is a desire. If you say, I am going to lose weight, and then don’t exercise or cut down on your eating, you are only stating a desire to lose weight. Successful people make decisions and then take action, tweaking those decisions, until they solve whatever challenge is faced. Together we will work on your confidence until you are taking decisive action – every day!


Increase your communication and influence abilities

No matter what challenge you face in life, any solution is going to involve other people. Whether it is your co-workers, your boss, your friends, or your family, you must have effective communication skills and the ability to influence others in order to be successful.


Find the balance in your life that will allow growth, goal achievement, and personal satisfaction

We all have heard that you must find balance in your life. But what does that really mean? The reality is, if you are going to concentrate on achieving in one area, something else has to suffer. There is only so much you. Part of finding the balance is identifying what you truly want. The next step is identifying what you are going to have to pay for what you want – nothing comes without some cost. The last step is to be determined to pay that amount in time, money, or sacrifice of some other part of your life. Once you accept the goal and cost, you must be able to communicate to those in your life about the importance of your goals to ensure harmony and reduce stress.


Identify personal strengths and weaknesses to create success action plans

You already have all the answers. It is my job to make sure you are asking the right questions and to ensure you are being honest with yourself. Together, we can identify your strengths and discover where you can acquire the resources to make up for any weaknesses you might have. Thus, any plans you put in place have the best opportunity of succeeding.


Bring out your spiritual purpose and discover your desired contribution to society

To be truly happy in life, we must give something back to our society and know that we have left a truly positive mark on the world. Of all the seven areas of life, your spiritual growth and contribution to society will bring the most true happiness and satisfaction to your life.


Change only happens within you

However, regardless of the services I provide, true change can only come from you.
It is only your willingness to recognize one simple truth that will make any lasting, important change possible.


One Simple Truth

You can make all the excuses in the world:

  • If only my family didn’t keep me so busy
  • If only my family supported me more
  • If only I wasn’t so tired all the time
  • If only I had more money
  • If only I was younger
  • If only I had stayed in school
  • If only I could get a better job
  • If only things didn’t cost so much
  • If only I had been born rich

But until you face one simple truth, you will not be successful.

That one simple truth?

If you don’t like how your life is, there is only one person who can do anything about it. There is only one person who can make changes to your life. And that person is you. And until you take responsibility for your life and admit that the real reason your life is not what you want it to be is you, you will be stuck with the life you have given yourself. The only way to change your life is to change you.

Stop using everyone and everything as an excuse for the state of your life.

Don’t waste another minute making excuses for your life.

Decide right now, to face the simple truth, and do everything in your considerable power to change your life by changing yourself. Become the best person you can be and:

  you will achieve your dreams,

  you will have the life you always wanted

  you will experience the Ultimate Success!