Life Coaching Process


What I do as a Life Coach…

I have the most amazing job in the world. Every day, I help people from all walks of life realize their dreams and become successful and truly happy — often for the first time in their lives. Every day, I help people face and conquer their doubts and fears. I help them find their true self, their hidden identity. Together, we overcome the beliefs that are limiting them, causing them to procrastinate and stopping them from living their dream lives.


How I do what I do as a Life Coach…

My philosophy stems from my belief that everyone has everything they need inside them to discover their dreams, develop a plan to achieve them, and then go out and live that plan until dreams become reality. All that is required is two things:

  • A belief that you truly are responsible for your life and everything that has happened. Nobody else is to blame for your misfortune. This acceptance is daunting and frightening but also totally freeing. By accepting the responsibility for your life, you finally acknowledge that, since everything that happens is by your design, you can design any life you want.
  • You accept that while you cannot change the outward circumstances that you have always thought ruled your life (your relatives, the economy, the weather, the job market, the price of groceries, or whatever other excuses you have come up with) you can change yourself. By changing yourself, by making yourself the best possible person you can be, you CAN change your circumstances.


My focus as a Life Coach…

  • Change only comes when you change — you must take responsibility for your own life and stop making excuses
  • You can’t make a new life alone — you need the support of many people around you
  • Goals are key — goal setting and achievement is a learned skill that requires much practice
  • Decision making must become second nature — only by making decisions (another skill that requires practice) will you propel your life forward
  • You are governed by Universal Laws — Laws that you must learn how to use to your advantage


How I work with my Life Coaching Clients…

My style is non-directive and conversational, asking probing questions to help you arrive at your own solution because only you can answer the truly important questions. We will work together to discover the direction you want your life to go to find your true happiness, your definite purpose, in life. Together we will touch on as many of the 7 areas of life that you wish to work on but always working strategically, with laser focus, on the area or areas that will move you directly to your happiness.

We will focus on using your strengths and weaknesses to overcome your challenges, gathering the people, resources, and skills you need to succeed. Once your true desire is revealed and you have accepted responsibility for your life, finding the solutions to any challenges you face, getting you unstuck, overcoming your fears and doubts, becomes a matter of a good plan.

I provide detailed, easy-to-do action plans to take you, systematically, toward your goals. With innovative strategies (backed by the latest in neuroscience and motivational psychology) as well as best practices in goal setting, decision making, and time management, we will propel you toward your new life.

And while we work, you will be gathering the tools, skills, and knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your life. Long after we have finished our time together, you will still be constantly moving forward, bettering yourself, bettering your life, and becoming an independent force to be reckoned with. Suddenly, thanks to your new confidence, strength, and abilities you will be almost unrecognizable from your old self.


You will have achieved Ultimate Success!