Your thoughts effect your entire day, your entire life.

How you think, how your feel, will directly affect your stress levels, your health, and your chances of reaching your Ultimate Success.

You can’t deny or ignore the negative. That isn’t a solution because that can actually create other challenges.

Instead, change your thinking

Turn the negative on its head and realize that there is always a positive side to every situation.

Of course, finding the positive is not always easy.


Just Looking For The Positive Can Help

The very act of seeking the positive can be as important as finding it. Simply looking for the positive, changing your focus, will alter your brain chemistry. The levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone which suppresses the immune system and increases fat storage, will drop. Meanwhile, the thought stimulation increases the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

These chemical changes affect mood, the fat storage in the body, your immune system, and blood pressure levels.

So making the effort to find that positive twist will benefit not only your day but lengthen your life expectancy and make that longer life happier.


Change The Red Lights

We’ve all been there. We are already late (when aren’t we running behind?) and we seem to be hitting every red light. The frustration is building. You are cursing the city for their stupid stop light system (coordinated lights, my ass). You are on and off the brake, creeping up on the car in front as though maybe that will make the light change faster.

You ask…

Why does this always happen to me?

Now take a deep breath.

Let’s change that question by taking yourself out of the equation because you aren’t the only car on the road. Sorry but it isn’t always all about you.

Try asking…

Why is this happening?

You know the city’s system normally works well. This doesn’t happen all the time. Most days you have no issues.

The most likely answer, some emergency vehicle just came through and has messed up the lights while trying to save someone’s life.


Be Thankful

Now be thankful for being stuck at that light.

Yes, I said THANKFUL!

One alternative — you could get to ignore the red lights because you are speeding through intersections in the back of an ambulance while a paramedic works to save your life.

Be thankful that you have the money to afford that car. You could be stuck on a bus AND still stuck at that red light. Or walking.

Be thankful for the lesson you have learned that you need to organize your life more to ensure you don’t have to rush everywhere you go. Take the few extra moments at the next light to develop a plan to become more organized and reduce the stress caused by your “hectic” life.


It Isn’t Easy — But Is Pays Big

Thinking positive, always looking for the positive side to every situation, no matter how negative, is anything but easy.

In fact, some days it can be downright exhausting.

Other days, it almost seems impossible.

However, the payoff is huge.

As you spend more and more time seeking the positive and being thankful for everything that happens to you, you will soon discover that the positives far outweigh the negatives. Suddenly, you begin to wonder what has happened to your life.


Whose Life Am I Living?

That is a question you will begin to ask yourself as you see more and more good things happening to you. Each day it will be easier and easier to find something to be thankful for.

You will begin to live the positive life you have been imagining!

By focusing on the negative, refusing to seek the positive in every situation, you are denying yourself the amazing life that you want, that you know you can have.

Don’t cheat yourself out of your Ultimate Success!