January 19th.

If you look on your calendar, you won’t see this day marked as especially important. However, if you are working on making yourself and your life better, it is a major milestone that I like to call the 5-95% Day.
January 19th marks the 5% mark in the year.

That’s right, we have already burned through 1-twentieth of the year.

And the 95%?

I know, you did the math but no, it doesn’t represent that we have 95% of the year left.

We have already discussed that only 8% of people will fulfill their resolutions for the year.

Today represents the point where, of those people who will not fulfill their resolutions this year, 95% of them have actually already given up. They have now admitted to themselves (even if it is only a quiet voice inside themselves) that they are not going to make it.

So where are you on this scale?

Honestly, assess your progress.

Have you done anything yet to move toward your goals?

Did you even set proper goals?

Are you trying to go it alone?

It isn’t too late to move out of the 95% group. After all, doing the math, we still have 95% of the year left to create your Ultimate Success together.

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